"When the origin marks your character and you feel proud of your roots only amazing things can happen". SANTA BAHÍA was created this way, a brand that wants to be ambassador of its land… and its sea."

The brand’s owner, Antonio Zaragoza Benedi, who was born and has his heart in Santa Pola, has started the SANTA BAHIA product range by launching onto the market an authentic fish stock to prepare a seafood paella.

Antonio, Toni to his friends, has been guided by memories until arriving at this stock that reminds him of the one that was prepared by his father, a fisherman who was taken by the sea and who cooked, like the rest of the "faeners", a tasty fish rice dish on the deck of this boat.

After many attempts, trials and disappointments, Toni, with the help of chefs, fishermen and friends, has found this king of stocks, which will transport you to the coast of Santa Pola from wherever you are.

Top quality ingredients, freshly caught rock fish. Without preservatives, without additives. Only tried and tested ingredients.

"Cooked respecting the purest tradition on board ship, manually selecting the daily catch, fishermen choose the fish that make up the so-called 'moralla', which is the main base of the stock, as tradition demands."